Wild Ways

A week of stories about women on the road.


AR01Can't Beat It!2005020720070128

"I would never have come to the desert if I'd known that Cecilia would turn into a gibbering loon with an eating disorder," claims Marcie, who is travelling across America with her friend in a blue convertible automatic.

The highlight of their journey is a Jack Kerouac lookalike competition which brings Marcie face to face with the man of her dreams.

  • read by amanda horlock
  • by.... - - - emily perkins

  • AR02Tofino2005020820070204

    Poppy is 12, and finding travelling through the States and Canada with her mother and her mother's bossy, judgemental best friend rather a trial, particularly as they seem to be trying to re-enact some kind of Thelma and Louise escapade.

    But a whale-watching expedition off the coast of British Columbia is everything she hoped for and more.

  • by - Jill Dawson
  • read by Helen Longworth

  • AR03Lady Chatterley's Chicken2005020920070211

    By Louise Doughty.

    A tale of lust on the road in Latin America, as a woman first gives in to and then tries to escape the attentions of a persistent fellow traveller.

    Their paths connect fatally with the life of a young Indian man.

    Read by Louise Doughty and Arran Glass.

    AR04It Is July, Now2005021020070218

    By Kathy Page

    Into the chill of a Balkan winter a visitor arrives from the West to challenge Piret's frozen heart.

    Read by Barbara Kellermann

    AR05 LASTA Spectacular View2005021120070225

    By Kate Pullinger.

    When Linda leans too far over the parapet at the Alhambra in Granada and her glasses fall and smash hundreds of feet below her, she finds out just how frightening a place can be when you can't see what's coming.

    Read by Jenny Coverack