Vital Statistics


01The Seven Year Itch20120330

By Ben Ockrent.

After seven years together Amy and Sam are wondering what's missing from their relationship. Agent Y is the man in the know. It's simple, he says: start by unplugging the dishwasher. But can they rely on statistics to keep them together?


Agent Y....Karl Theobald

Amy....Jemima Rooper

Sam....Bryan Dick

Stuart....Stephen Critchlow

Shop Assistant....Susie Riddell

Directed by Sasha Yevtushenko

Developed with James Robinson.

Studio managers: Caleb Knightley and Keith Graham.

Editors: Keith Graham and Peter Ringrose.

Production Co-ordinator: Jessica Brown.

Amy is feeling the itch while boyfriend Sam is clueless. Can Agent Y solve their problems?

02 LASTHow I Learned To Drive20120406

Now that his girlfriend Anna has moved all the way to Cornwall to be a chef, Gary must either get over his fear of public transport or learn to drive. But however hard he tries, Gary keeps failing his test. It's lucky for him that his case has landed on the desk of Agent Y - who's about to intervene with his statistical superpowers.