Valentine's Day


2013021020130217 (BBC7)
20150213 (R4)

Following on from his very successful John Peel's shed, here is another beautiful story of every day life from the very talented John Osbourne.

A young man starts turning out his junk and comes across a box of memories he has saved, letters, birthday and Valentine's cards he has received over the years, tickets for gigs he's been to. And through these we come to understand the recent events in his life.

Some are from an ex girlfriend. His first love (played by Isy Suttie) - they were together when they were teenagers.

Others are from his mum (played by Suki Webster.) She worries about him. She means well and is trying to make him feel better but it makes him feel worse. John will tell this story in front of an audience in the Radio Theatre.

There are also postcards from his Gran (Ann Beach) mainly moaning about her various seaside trips.

This is recorded in the Radio Theatre in front of an audience.