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Edi Stark asks the ultimate twins question: Does any other relationship come close?

Edi Stark asks if the bond between twins ever be rivalled by another relationship?

Helen and Morna Mulgray now in their early 70s have never spent more than a fortnight apart. Having retired from teaching they've turned their uniquely close relationship into a successful recipe for writing crime fiction. But they've never married or even had a serious relationship outside of their twin. Edi asks if their relationship is too close or have these sisters found in each other the meeting of minds that the rest of us can only dream of in our life long companions.

Producer: Peter McManus.


Edi Stark finds out how twins survive when they lose the other half of this unique relationship. Whether at birth, in the prime of life, or towards its end Edi finds out what surviving twins have in common and how its not always losing your lifelong companion that's the worst.

Producer: Peter McManus.

Edi Stark finds how twins survive if they lose what for many is their perfect companion.


We assume twins' lives will follow similar patterns, but what happens when one is gay?

Nicholas and Michael Rotgans are identical twins, in fact their genes are so similar its beyond science to tell them apart. Yet Nicholas is gay and Michael isn't.

Edi stark asks the twins what its like to have such a major difference between and finds out what it can tell the rest of us about how sexual identity is determined.

Producer: Peter McManus.


Edi Stark asks does being a twin help or hinder development? We compare the experiences of twins and their parents and find out how they ensure they grow up as individuals.

Producer: Peter McManus.

Edi Stark asks if being a twin helps or hinders development.

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Edi Stark finds out how the special bond between twins isn't always a happy one.

Ask any twin and the one thing they say they hate is the constant comparison to the other. Unchecked this leads to a competitiveness that can poison what should be a uniquely close relationship. Edi Stark talks to two brothers whose relationship has been brought to the brink by competition.

Producer: Peter McManus.