Together Against The Odds

Janet Reibstein presents a series on relationships which have survived.



Gordon and Ellen met and married three days later.

She had been brought up in care and his mother cited more than 50 names in her divorce papers.

Forty years later, they are still together.


Gillian and Stewart met when he was 26 and she was 42.

Nobody expected their relationship to last 20 days, but they are still together 20 years later.

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Max and Eve describe themselves as the perfect partnership.

But they have struggled with depression, communicating and bringing up a family.

So how have they made it work?


Jamie and Nuala Garnder's experience of bringing up their severely autistic son, Dale, nearly led to the break up of their marriage and to Nuala nearly taking her own life.

They describe how their shared determination to do what was best for Dale kept them together.


Now in their 50s, Lynne and Steff lived together for 30 years as husband and wife before Steff underwent a sex change.

They discuss the loss of a sexual relationship between and them and breaking the news to their two sons and the rest of their family, and how they reacted.

However, they also talk about the positive aspects of their relationship which have kept them together and why their difficulties have ultimately been worthwhile.

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Janet meets a man who was given a four year prison sentence for armed robbery, shortly after marrying his partner of nine years.

His offence was motivated by escalating debt problems which his wife knew nothing about.

Janet finds out how difficult it was to stand by him while he served his sentence and how their marriage survived.