Suzi Quatro's Detroit


01Wayne Kramer20130110

02Martha Reeves20130117

Suzi Quatro explores the rich musical heritage of her home town of Detroit, by shining a light on some of its less known stars, such as Motown legend and councilwoman Martha Reeves

03Al Abrams20130124

When he was a boy, Al Abrams used to smuggle a radio under his bedclothes so that he could listen to his beloved blues and R&B. The white son of a Jewish family - his father had one of the first integrated businesses in Michigan - Al would regularly make the unusual trip across town to buy blues records from the shop where John Lee Hooker worked and spent all his free time hanging around radio stations.

Which is how - as this unsung hero explains to Suzi tonight - Al came to be the very first employee of Motown Records, engaged by Berry Gordy as his PR man after an epic feat of radio plugging!

Al was right at the heart of Motown during its most creative period, and his natural guile produced some notable coups for the nascent soul legends.

How do you overcome the racism of one magazine editor to get Diana Ross and The Supremes on the front cover of a TV listings magazine? Let him believe you lost ownership of the company in a card game!

The full story & many others are uncovered by Suzi as she meets Al Abrams - one of the most influential people in music history that you've never heard of!

04 LASTPatti And Michael Quatro20130131

04 LASTPatti And Michael Quatro20130131

Suzi takes a trip around her personal Detroit history with sister Patti and brother Michael.

Suzi was born and brought up in the city and tonight she takes a figurative - and literal! - trip down memory lane in the company of her family, all of whom also have significant roles in Detroit's musical history.

Join her as she revisits the youth club where she made her stage debut as a member of the Pleasure Seekers and the now ruined ballrooms and clubs of Detroit; before an emotional finale on the very spot where she was discovered by Micky Most and Jeff Beck in 1970 and taken to England to become a star.