Seven Days

Series looking at major issues through the lives of people affected.

Presented by Jenny Cuffe, who spends seven days with the subject of the programme.



Jenny Cuffe spends seven days at a children's hospice, as it supports youngsters with life limiting conditions.

Like many charities, funding has been hit in the downturn.

Jenny Cuffe spends seven days at a children's hospice.

In Afghanistan20080414

Jenny Cuffe spends a week with aid workers in the remote mountainous regions of Afghanistan, where survival is a constant struggle.

Global food supplies are under pressure and there is criticism that development money is being wasted.

Can agencies deliver the assistance that is much needed?

In Oldham *20090305

As the town launches an enquiry into excessive alcohol consumption, Jenny Cuffe spends a week in Oldham with those people who are developing new ways to intervene in the lives of heavy drinkers.

Jenny Cuffe spends a week with those who are developing new ways to help heavy drinkers.

In Stoke-on-trent20090226

In one day in January 2009, Stoke-on-Trent lost over 1,000 jobs.

It may be one of few remaining centres of British manufacturing, but the area has been in decline for several years.

Now Wedgwood and JCB, key employers in the area, have been hard hit, and plans for regeneration are threatened.

Jenny meets a family of three who all lost their job on the same day, and the company boss who, with his staff already on a four-day week, is desperate to secure new orders.

Tackling Teenage Knife Crime20080612

Jenny Cuffe follows the parents of 14-year-old murder victim Martin Dinnegan as the trial of his alleged killers opens.

They are seeking justice, but they also want to see change.

They have appealed to Gordon Brown, and Boris Johnson has vowed to make youth violence a priority for his new regime.

With The Debt Doctors20080602

As the credit crunch bites for small businesses and mortgage payers, Jenny Cuffe spends a week with consultants called in by those facing financial ruin.


Series looking at major issues through the lives of people affected.

Presented by Jenny Cuffe, who spends seven days with the subject of the programme.An elite police unit leading Britain's cyber-war against child pornography.


A British doctor on a one-man emergency relief mission to Gaza.

What impact can an individual make in one of the worst areas in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict?

0103 LAST20030331
0201Saving The National Botanic Garden Of Wales20040311

The inside story of the battle to save the National Botanic Garden of Wales as it faces financial meltdown.

0202Nigeria V Polio Vaccinations20040318

Nigeria is now on the frontline of the global battle against Polio.

With the virus resurgent there and threatening to spread to neighbouring countries, Jenny Cuffe spends a week with the World Health Organisation as they try to overcome fundamentalist opposition to a vaccination campaign.

0203 LAST20040325
0301Countdown To Killing20050331

Jenny Cuffe spends a week in Gulu, northern Uganda, where an international team of negotiators are trying to resolve a conflict which has lasted 18 years.


A look at plans to develop an international airport in the Warwickshire countryside, which have led to a furious battle between a rural district council and a huge travel company.

0303 LAST20050414
0401Pensions Countdown20060316

The government's compensation plan was intended to be a safety net for employees whose pension schemes had collapsed.

But it fails to help many thousands, and this has incensed the former treasury advisor on pensions so much that she's now helping the other side.

Jenny Cuffe spends seven days with the campaigners as they await the ombudsman's report which will decide their financial futures.


Jenny Cuffe reports from Kenya where, after three years of drought, three million people face starvation.

The government and the World Food Programme are about to launch a major appeal for funds, but with daily revelations about widespread corruption, how can it convince the world to give generously?


The government is pressurising health trusts to balance their books.

Jenny Cuffe spends a turbulent seven days with West Wiltshire Primary Care Trust - which has one of the worst budget deficits in the country.

As besieged managers announce the immediate closure of a local hospital, angry patients dig in for a fight, and bewildered staff fear for their future.

0404 LAST20060406

In Shettleston, East Glasgow, half of all adults smoke, and life expectancy for men is only 63 - 13 years below the national average.

As Scotland introduces a ban on smoking in enclosed places, Jenny Cuffe charts the impact of the ban over the course of a week.

She hears from smokers and also from local businesses, nervous about the future.


Jenny Cuffe investigates how rising sea levels are putting low-lying areas of Britain's coast at risk.

She spends seven days with communities at risk of flooding.

0502 LAST20061102

After five years of civil war, the Democratic Republic of Congo is poised to hold its first democratic elections amid fears of intimidation and vote-rigging.

Jenny Cuffe joins the teams of observers who will judge whether the election was free and fair.


Jenny Cuffe reports from behind the scenes at Stormont as power is transferred from Westminster to the new leaders.


Jenny Cuffe spends a week on a Warwickshire fruit farm, where a shortage of pickers is threatening this year's crop.

The foreign students and migrant workers who provide the bulk of the labour force are arriving in much fewer numbers than in previous years.


Britain's prisons are officially full, but the number in custody continues to rise, and the service is in crisis.

For seven days Jenny Cuffe has exclusive access to HMP Liverpool, as the governor faces tough choices and prisoners face the consequences.