Roger Black's Olympic Challenge

In a landmark new series for BBC Radio 4, Olympic Silver medallist Roger Black takes on one of Britain's most urgent challenges - to get the nation's kids fit for the 2012 London Olympics.



Roger joins the PE department at Hurlingham and Chelsea school in West London.

And what does he find? No playing fields, a small dilapidated gym, disinterested children and no competitive sport. To turn the situation around, Black sets himself the task of taking on a single class with the aim of upping their fitness levels by 10 per cent in a single term.


Having joined the PE department at Hurlingham and Chelsea comprehensive school in West London, Roger decides it's time to introduce his class to real competition - a dirty word in many schools for the last 30 years.

But he faces a rebellion from a group of de-motivated girls. And he battles it out with the local council to gain access to decent playing fields.

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Roger calls in the Army to help him prepare his class for their first ever inter-school sports competition.

He finds out whether the local council has accepted his 'playing fields' proposal. And the moment of truth arrives as Roger puts his pupils through their final fitness test. Will he have succeeded in raising their overall levels of fitness?