Ricky Wilson



Ricky Wilson takes us back through his musical upbringing, from the songs played in the Wilson household when he was growing up through to the tour bus favourites of the Kaisers. In the first of two shows, Ricky plays everything from the bands you know and love to the best new tracks around, think Television, Shuggie Otis and ESG.

This week he is joined by a certain super producer to understand the tricks of the trade and how to make a hit record.


Ricky Wilson continues on a journey through his record collection, from the first bands that inspired him to the artists getting him excited now. In his second show Ricky plays everything from The Slits to The Strokes woven together with stories from the depths of the dressing rooms. This week he is joined by another super star producer to hear the tricks of the trade and how to make a record in one take.