A new sitcom about two men sitting behind a desk.



A persuasive visitor with some suspiciously cheap laptops to sell tries to talk his way past the front desk. Brian, naive and nerdish as always, thinks he smells a bargain - but the more streetwise Danny sniffs a rat. Meanwhile, their supervisor, Clarissa, is on the prowl. She has amorous designs on Brian, who persuades Danny to distract her while he rustles up the cash for a deal.

Is Brian being taken for a ride, or is Danny missing the kind of opportunity that his beloved self-help books are always telling him to seize?

02Men In Love20130909

Danny discovers that Brian is infatuated with a girl in the office supplies shop across the street, but he's too shy to make contact with her. Danny, who considers himself to be very much a ladies' man, begins to give Brian tips. But when fearsome supervisor Clarissa finds out about the romance, she tells Danny to sabotage it or she'll sink his cherished ambition to get a job upstairs in the agency. She wants Brian for herself, even though he's terrified of her.

How can Danny save his dream of a career without betraying his friend?

03Breaking The Rules20130916

Brian is very impressed by the expertise of the technician who comes to repair the agency's electronic entry system. Danny thinks he's a pillock. But when Clarissa arrives to inform them of a theft from the building, and the technician starts to chat her up, Brian changes his tune. He becomes convinced that the visitor is involved in the theft, and persuades Danny to help in an elaborate sting operation that will show Clarissa how wrong she is to trust the man.

Will Brian win back Clarissa's affections? And if he does, what on earth will he do with them?

04Nature's Way20130923

After a weekend in the sticks with his historical re-enactment society, Brian waxes lyrical about the idea of retiring to the country. Danny is scornful - he's is barely on speaking terms with Mother Nature. But then Clarissa introduces a trainee to work with them, and possibly replace one of them. Danny is smitten with the young woman but Brian wonders why a spoiled little rich girl is working with them on the reception desk. When he discovers the answer he and Danny desperately need to find a way to get rid of her.

Can Danny resolve his conflict between love and loyalty, or will Brian have to retire sooner than he expected - and break up the old team?

05Birthday Boy20130930

Clarissa's inexplicable obsession with Brian goes into overdrive when he's late for work and Danny tells her he's at the doctor's. Clarissa accesses Brian's personnel files, searching for clues about his health and breeding prospects, and she discovers it's his birthday. She persuades Danny to help her plan a surprise party, but their schemes are disrupted by the arrival of Brian's elderly father, who is even more eccentric than his son. Meanwhile, Brian's new sinus tablets seem to be affecting him very strangely.

Will Brian survive his birthday, and why have a stripper, a policeman and an alien arrived to help him celebrate it?

06 LASTJust The Job20131007

A sitcom about two men sitting behind a desk, written by Paul Bassett Davies, and starring Adrian Scarborough, Morwenna Banks and Amit Shah.

Brian and Clarissa are always mocking Danny's ambition to get a job upstairs in the creative department of the agency. But a slick new employee thinks Danny might have real talent. He offers to mentor hi, and get him an interview upstairs. Then Clarissa discovers that the new guy isn't quite what he seems, and he's been stealing Danny's ideas. So Brian uses his computer skills to hack the company system and set up the job interview anyway. At last Danny has a chance to prove himself.

Are Danny's dreams about to come true? And if they do, how will he feel about leaving Brian and Clarissa behind?

Producer: Anna Madley

An Avalon Television production for BBC Radio 4.