Planet Earth Under Threat

Series in which Gabrielle Walker finds out how global warming is changing the natural world.


01Evidence From The Earth2006112020070116

Gabrielle witnesses the melting of the Greenland icecap, sees the effects of warming on corals in the Pacific and discovers how changing rainfall is causing the lemurs of Madagascar to suffer. But the news is not all bad - the red fox and the moose are on the march.

02Life On The Move2006112720070123

This programme looks at how the rise in temperature has affected insects in north America, the gelada baboons of Ethiopia and British species of butterflies.

03Nature's Calendar2006120420070130

Gabrielle discovers that a warming climate is beginning to alter the sense of time animals and plants have. With higher air temperatures animals in the Rocky Mountains are breaking their hibernation early - and seabirds are making decisions about foraging, anticipating that their prey have lost a sense of time.


As Gabrielle pursues the impacts of climate change on the world's wildlife, this week she's in the Arctic to see how the melt back of the ice is a sign of things to come, not just for polar wildlife, but thousands of miles away among the atoll communities of the Pacific.

05The Conundrum Of Biodiversity2006121820070213

We hear the term biodiversity lauded everywhere these days - what exactly is it and why should we care?

06The Earth And The Irascible Ape2007010120070220

Gabrielle finds out how global warming is changing the natural world. She discovers that the Earth has warmed before and our planet has cycles of its own. How do these affect the natural world?

07Conservation - Embracing Change2007010820070306

Climate change seems to be causing wildlife to move north and south, up mountain sides or seeking cooler water and air. How is conservation going to embrace this behaviour change in wildlife and adjust?

Gabrielle Walker discovers that there is a lot of optimism among the biological community that this challenge can be faced, but it comes with a stark warning to humanity.

08 LASTThe Future2007011520070313

She looks into the future at the various scenarios that face the living world and humanity, and finds solace in those who believe humanity can turn the causes of climate change around.