Phill Jupitus' Strips

Phill Jupitus meets the creators of some of the comic strips that he has loved to read since childhood.



He visits Garry Trudeau, the reclusive creator of Doonesbury, one of the most successful newspaper comic strips in the world.


Phill meets a group of young, ambitious, political cartoonists in New York who are struggling to make ends meet in a world where the newspaper industry is shrinking and the internet doesn't pay.


Phill meets Charles Peattie and Russell Taylor, the men behind The Daily Telegraph's Alex.

When they started out 20 years ago they were the young whippersnappers of the cartoon world.

Today they find that that is still the case, as there are so few up-and-coming artists in the UK following them.

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Phill meets Bill Griffith, the creator of Zippy The Pinhead, in his Boston studio and talks to him about his 40-year career.