Paul Morley's Guide To Musical Genres

Paul Morley sets off on a journey to find out where different musical genres come from and what they mean to listeners today - both young and old.



Paul explores Pysch-Folk in the company of Sam Genders (Tunng, The Accidental), Nancy Elizabeth, Billy Bragg, Robyn Hitchcock, Norma Waterson and Martin and Eliza Carthy.

02Post Rock20080527

With the help of Mogwai's Stuart Braithwaite, Talk Talk's Tim Friese-Green and Robert Wyatt, Paul Morley attempts to find out just what sort of music fits into this genre and asks journalist Simon Reynolds exactly how (and why) he came up with the name.


To help him get to grips with perhaps the most elusive musical genre of all, Paul Morley is joined by Billy Bragg, Kerrang! editor Paul Brannigan, Pete Shelley and members of Enter Shikari. They aim to shed light on who and what falls into this category so popular with angst-ridden teenagers.


To help him trace the origins of the genre that was a pre-cursor to indie music, Paul enlists the help of Traceyanne Campbell (Camera Obscura), Francis MacDonald (Teenage Fanclub, BMX Bandits), Matt Haynes (co-founder of Sarah Records), Paul Haig (Josef K) and Edwyn Collins (Orange Juice).


The genre of electronic music that became popular in the late 1990s with the increasing use of digital signal processing.

With the help of Autechre, Matthew Herbert and John Foxx (Ultravox).

06 LASTPop * * *20080624

Since the days when everything was 'Filed Under Pop', the broadest of musical genre has undergone many transformations and evolutions.

With the help of chart conquerors Amandah Wilkinson (of Operator Please), Edwyn Collins, Robert Wyatt and Billy Bragg; songwriters Cathy Dennis and Pete Shelley, and Duffy's producer Bernard Butler, Paul goes in search of the perfect pop song.