On The Rocks


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Morwenna is trying to improve herself and Frank needs a lesson in island economics.


Second series of 1930s Isles Of Scilly comedy. It's 1938 and with all this talk of war, G.P.O. man Frank Gunwallow returns to see if all is still in order at the St. Martin's Post Office.

It's 1938 and even on the remote island of St Martin's war seems inevitable, but the islanders have their own battles to contend with, stuck on a rock flung twenty-seven miles out into the Atlantic with only their natural grit and gallows humour to see them through.


Ben tries to prove to Morwenna May that he's a man of action.


'Sermons' by Christopher William Hill.

1930s comedy set on the Scilly island of St. Martin's, just before the Second World War. Father Tregarthan enlists the help of an unlikely source to help him with his irreligious parishioners.

Director - Mary Peate.

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by Christopher William Hill.

1930s comedy set on St. Martin's, one of the Isles of Scilly. War is looming and Ben still isn't getting anywhere with Morwenna- May.

Episode 4: Swimming.

Director - Mary Peate.