Mika - The Art Of Song



Mika plays a selection of the greatest songs of all time from some of the most iconic artists. He plays some of his favourite tracks and looks at their back stories. He'll also reveal his own relationships with these artists and their music. Mika also performs covers of tracks from Billy Joel, Elton John and more, live at Radio 2's Elton John piano.


Mika, the multi-million selling and Brit Award winning singer-songwriter plays some of the greatest songs of all time. He has tracks from Stevie Wonder, Carly Simon, David Bowie and Diana Ross. Mika will look at what makes these songs so special, whether it's the writer, producer or perfomer. He'll also share why they're his favourite songs and what they mean to him. Plus Mika also sits down at Radio 2's Elton John piano to perform special live tracks from Dusty Springfield and Paul Simon.