Mark Watson Talks A Bit About Life


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Despite the obsession with trying to defy age, is there a case for not living too long?

A new series from multi-award winning comic Mark Watson where he attempts to answer the big questions and make sense of life, nimbly assisted by Tim Key and Tom Basden.

Mark and his two henchmen tackle academic and abstract topics. Themes will be examined from every angle, torn apart, laughed at and put back together again in an effort to understand ourselves and the world around us, and make it a slightly better place using stand-up, poetry, songs and dippy interactions.

This week Mark looks at "Longevity". It's the big one - dear old Mr Death. Can we beat him? Since time began, his win/lose record has been around 190 billion/1 (that's accepting Jesus rose from the dead, and maybe allowing a few draws for people who've been cryonically frozen, etc). Much of the world seems to be obsessed with the task of trying to defy age' and deny the inevitable - but is there actually a case for not wanting to live too long, because the world starts to become too confusing and your place in it less and less secure?

Mark dishes up some examples of ways this is already happening to him. Key and Basden attempt to persuade Mark the true glory of life is in enjoying it, not drawing it out endlessly. Everyone asks the question - who really wants to live forever?

Mark Watson is a multi-award winning comedian - his awards include the inaugural If.Comedy Panel Prize 2006. He is assisted by Tim Key, winner of an Edinburgh Comedy Award in 2009, and Tom Basden who won the the If.Comedy Award for Best Newcomer in 2007.

Written and performed by Mark Watson, Tim Key and Tom Basden.

Produced by Lianne Coop

An Impatient production for BBC Radio 4.