Kohli's Caledonian Commonwealth



Hardeep Singh Kohli presents the first in a 3-part series exploring Scotland and its links to the Commonwealth.

This week, as Glasgow prepares to host the 20th Commonwealth Games, he warms up with a look at

his country's sporting heroes, from the amateur to the elite.

Olympian Katherine Grainger, rugby legend Gavin Hastings and record breaking cyclist Mark Beaumont share their hopes for the Games and Hardeep asks if Scotland will shake off its image as a nation of glorious losers, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Hardeep takes one for the team as he joins his local gym to burn some calories and discovers a hidden talent for lawn bowls when he challenges a member of the Pakistan Team to a game!



Hardeep Singh Kohli continues his 3-part series exploring Scotland and its links to the Commonwealth.

Scotland has a rich art and design heritage with influences reverberating beyond its borders.

Hardeep takes a tour of his home city of Glasgow and meets some of the creative inhabitants who

have put the nation on the cultural map.

The devastating fire at Glasgow's School of Art, designed by Rennie Mackintosh, hit headlines internationally and Hardeep talks to David Ross of Keppie Design to learn more about the architectural significance of the building. He takes a trip to Falkirk in Central Scotland to see the breathtaking Kelpies, designed by Andy Scott, which are the largest equine sculptures in the world.

Donald Shaw, Artistic Director of the Celtic Connections Festival, and artist Peter Howson share their thoughts on why Scotland punches above its weight internationally.

There are darker stories to be heard around the growth of the second city of Empire. Commonwealth links are everywhere - from the Merchant City to Jamaica Street and Kingston Bridge. Hardeep visits the pop-up Empire Cafe to meet author Louise Welsh and architect Jude Barber who've been digging deeper into Glasgow's slave trade links.

And prepare to hear some mouthwatering radio as Hardeep samples some Indian street food with a Glasgow twist!

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03 LAST20140730

Hardeep Singh Kohli completes his series exploring Scotland and its links to the Commonwealth.

Tonight, Hardeep celebrates Scots humour. A nation of storytellers and expert embellishers, the brilliant banter is appreciated the world over.

There's a direct link from contemporary stand-up back to the days of traditional Music Hall entertainment and Aussie comedian Ro Campbell introduces Hardeep to the former Britannia Music Hall in Glasgow, now known as the Panopticon, where no turn was unstoned!

Billy Connolly's banana boots have pride of place on display in the People's Palace and that's where Hardeep meets with comedians Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie, who embarked on a bus tour of far-flung Scotland to collect the nation's humorous stories.

The east coast has a thread of absurdism which can be traced back to Dundee's poet McGonagall.

Filmed on location in the seaside town of Broughty Ferry, Bob Servant is the creation of writer

Neil Forsyth and is played by actor Brian Cox. They share their thoughts on the differences with west coast humour.

And Hardeep reminisces with his brother, writer and actor Sanjeev Kohli, star of the sitcom Still Game, on the comics who influenced them growing up and the importance of humour in breaking down cultural barriers.