Jack Rosenthal's Last Act

When the late, great Jack Rosenthal finally wrote his memoirs, he did so in the form he understood best - the screenplay. This unique series was abridged and adapted by his daughter Amy Rosenthal from her father's original scripts and features his wife Maureen Lipman.
Characteristic of all Rosenthal work, it is funny, touching, insightful and gripping.



  • adam rosenthal (young)....ceallach spellman
  • additional music by william oxborrow
  • amy rosenthal....antouk hyman
  • angie....Rebecca Front
  • barbra streisand....Jessica Martin
  • beth swofford....amy shindler
  • director Maureen Lipman with Dirk Maggs
  • executive....Toby Longworth
  • george best....Rupert Degas
  • head of drama....Kerry Shale
  • herself....Maureen Lipman
  • herself....Maureen Lipman
    jack....stephen mangan
    headmaster....Rupert Degas
    lakey girl....Rebecca Front
    sam....George Layton
  • herself....amy rosenthal
  • himself....adam rosenthal
  • hobo....Toby Longworth
  • intercom voice....Toby Longworth
  • jack rosenthal....stephen mangan
  • jack rosenthal....stephen mangan
    herself....Maureen Lipman
    floorman/ decorator/ toby/ patrick/ writer/ detective 2....Rupert Degas
    lakey/ pat phoenix/ peggy ramsey....Rebecca Front
    amy rosenthal (child)....agnes hyman
    theo/ maurice/ peter witt/ director....George Layton
    director/ stacey/ decorator 2/ detective 1/ toby/ patrick....Toby Longworth
    zelma....amy rosenthal
    jule styne/ comissionaire/ martin charnin....Kerry Shale
    peter eckersley/ floorman....colin shindler
    adam rosenthal (child)....ceallach spellman
    director Maureen Lipman with Dirk Maggs
    producer bruce hyman
    additional music by william oxborrow
  • producer bruce hyman
  • reptile specialist....Rupert Degas
  • trucker....colin shindler
  • zelma....amy rosenthal

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    Episode 1 starts just before his birth and follows Jack up to his days as an inspiring writer at Sheffield University.


    Jack's brief spell in the Navy, followed by his early career at Granada TV. Along the way it captures the excitement and buzz of the early days of independent television (where he met his future wife Maureen Lipman), and the first broadcast of Coronation Street, for which Jack wrote over 100 episodes.


    Jack is firmly established at Granada Television and his reputation as a playwright is growing. He finally leaves Manchester for London, marries Maureen Lipman and embarks joyfully on the family life that will inform so much of his work.
    Meanwhile, Jack is penning some of his best-known plays. Among these is the award-winning Barmitzvah Boy, which leads him into an unlikely flirtation with musical theatre, albeit a short lived one.

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    Jack is established as an award-winning writer and a household name. He recounts his experiences of working with Barbra Streisand, sparring with Hollywood, and saving the family tortoise from certain death. A portrait of Jack emerges as a devoted husband and father, which remains movingly evident throughout this tribute to a seminal playwright and a much-loved man.