In Search Of The Holy Whale



In this sequel to In Search Of The Holy Quail, broadcaster Marc Riley and two more friends from the world of popular music, Richard Hawley and Jarvis Cocker, set out on a quirky quest to find some of the world's most spectacular and elusive sights.

Riley's whale-watching passion has taken him from Baja, Mexico to Iceland but in 2003 he discovered that some of the most amazing sights could be seen right on our doorstep in Skibereen, Ireland.

Keen to share his discovery, Marc persuades his curious friends to set sail on the very rough seas in the hope of an exhilarating encounter with these elusive creatures.

As they struggle to find their sea legs our intrepid three contemplate life, the universe and the most important questions - how do you stop your glasses falling off and why shouldn't you sing to whales?

Producer: John Leonard

A Smooth Operations production for BBC Radio 4.

Marc Riley, Richard Hawley and Jarvis Cocker search for whales off the coast of Ireland.