Hemingway In Havana



The least chronicled chapter of Hemingway's life is the 20 years he spent in Cuba.

The political stand off with the USA meant that scholars were denied access to his home, Finca Vigia, and to the many papers and books he left there after his suicide 50 years ago in 1961.

But now, as Susan Marling reports from Cuba, a unique partnership between the Cubans and conservators and academics from America has allowed the house (and Hemingway's beloved fishing boat, Pilar) to be restored and, more importantly, many of his letters, manuscripts and books have also been saved.

Susan visits the house, speaks to Hemingway experts about the significance of the documents and gives an account of the writer's deep love of Cuba, its people, landscape and the fabulous Gulf Stream.

Producer: Susan Marling

A Just Radio production for BBC Radio 4.

Susan Marling investigates the debt Ernest Hemingway owed to Cuba, his home for 21 years.