Gerry Rafferty - Life Goes On



Ricky Ross presents a profile of Gerry Rafferty, the man and his work. Although best-known for the hits, Stuck In The Middle With You and Baker Street, Gerry Rafferty's recording career was much bigger than that, spanning a full 40 years of songwriting and music-making.

This programme contains examples of the music from the famous, to the well-known, to the barely-heard. With contributions from many who knew, and worked with him, including Billy Connolly, Joe Egan, Rab Noakes, Barbara Dickson, Linda Thompson, Elly Jackson, Hugh Murphy, Tom Robinson and others, Ricky provides a comprehensive portrait of a complex man and extremely talented artist.

Gerry's daughter Martha talks poignantly of her life with her famous father and we hear her sing his songs with her cousins. Their performance was a highlight of the commemorative celebratory concerts held in Glasgow in January 2012, one year after his death.