Garbo And Gilbert In Love



By Colin Shindler.

2005 marks the centenary of the birth of one of Hollywood's greatest legends - the brilliant and enigmatic Swedish actress Greta Garbo.

Colin Shindler's play tells the story of her celebrated affair with the silent movie star John Gilbert.

As the talkies supersede the silents, Garbo is destined for superstardom, while her lover descends into drunken obscurity.

A classic celebrity love story.

Greta Garbo....Kristin Milward

John Gilbert....Henry Goodman

Louis B Mayer....Lou Hirsch

King Vidor....William Hope

Eleanor....Amy Shindler

Thalberg....Lewis Hancock

Winchell....John Guerrasio

Stiller....Andrew Wincott

Marlene Dietrich....Bella Merlin

Directed by Peter Leslie Wild