Fungi - The Fifth Kingdom

Series featuring scientists and amateur naturalists studying fungi, one of the largest and most fascinating groups of organisms on the planet.


01A World Wide Web2008011420080830

Mycologists at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, reveal some extraordinary facts.

02What Lies Beneath2008011520080906

More fungi can be found in woodlands than anywhere else, appearing every autumn as their fruit bodies burst through the ground.

Lynne Boddy of Cardiff University reveals the complex struggles which take place underground.

03Grassland Gems2008011620080913

Some fungi like nothing better than old unimproved grassland.

From red to yellow and pink to green, amateur naturalist Rosemary Winnall reveals the colourful delights of her garden where endless waxcaps, fairy clubs and earth tongues emerge.

04Anywhere And Everywhere2008011720080920

Fungi can survive in any type of habitat.

They form intricate relationships with their hosts or partners, manipulating the growth of plants and the relationship they have with insects.

05 LASTA Fungus Amongst Us2008011820080927

For all their fascinating lifestyles, fungi can be friend or foe.

Mycologists reveal the impact that fungi have had on the planet and how our survival is dependent on their own.