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011981031620030910 (BBC7)
20091011 BT=2330 (BBC7)

From mirthful menus to Batman minus Robin.

Sketches galore with Carole Hayman, Nick Maloney and Simon Molloy.

From March 1981.

Sketches galore from March 1981.

021981032320030911 (BBC7)
20091018 BT=2330 (BBC7)

From spray-on celeb faces to Village Idiot of the Year.

Sketches galore with Rob Grant and Doug Naylor.

From March 1981.

031981033020030912 (BBC7)
20091101 (BBC7)

From the laughing bank to perfume and poodles.

Sketches galore with Nick Maloney and Brian Southwood.

From March 1981.

Sketches from March 1981.

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20091108 BT=2330 (BBC7)

From theatre hooligans to Tip Top toupees.

Sketches galore with Nick Maloney and Carole Hayman.

From April 1981.

Sketches galore from April 1981.

061981042020030916 (BBC7)
20091115 BT=2330 (BBC7)

From a game show for toffs to the Loch Ness monster.

Sketches galore with Simon Molloy and Carole Hayman.

From April 1981.