Charlie Muffin

By: Brian Freemantle

Starring: Philip Jackson/Sandor Eles.

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Genome: [r4 Bd=19930823]

Brian Freemantle 's anti-hero is a survivor. He needs to be. His own department is out to get him and so is the KGB. One way or another Charlie's determined to come out of it alive and rich.

Dramatised by Geoffrey M Matthews Director Matthew Walters

Genome: [r4 Bd=19930823]

Unknown: Brian Freemantle

Dramatised By: Geoffrey M Matthews

Director: Matthew Walters

Charlie: Philip Jackson

Kalenin: Sandor Eles

Willoughby: Peter Howell

Gunther: David Learner

Snare: Andrew Branch

Harrisson: Stephen Rashbrook

Alexei Berenkov: Peter Woodthorpe

Janet: Marcia King

Wilberjforce: Manning Wilson

Cuthkrtson: Barrie Cookson

Ruttgers: Don Fellows

Keys: John Church

Brayley: Richard Durden

Edith: Jennifer Piercey


By: Brian Freemantle

Starring: Philip Jackson/Sandor Eles.