Can't Tell Nathan Caton Nothing


0106 LASTAbout Angry Grandmas2012032820150417 (BBC7)

Can't Tell Me Nothing About Angry Grandmas - tells the story of young, up-and-coming comedian Nathan Caton, who after becoming the first in his family to graduate from University, opted not to use his architecture degree to try his hand at being a full-time stand-up comedian, much to his family's annoyance who want him to get a 'proper job.'

Each episode is designed to show the criticism, interference and rollercoaster ride that Nathan endures from his family as he pursues his career. This week Nathan's family plan a surprise birthday party for Grandma. But, the party isn't the only surprise when the police come looking for Nathan.

The episodes are a mix of Nathan's stand-up intercut with scenes from his family life.

Nathan Caton....Nathan

Adjoa Andoh....Mum

Curtis Walker....Dad

Mona Hammond....Grandma

PC Scott....Don Gilet

Written by: Nathan Caton

Additional material by: Ola and Maff Brown

Script Editor: James Kettle

Producer: Katie Tyrrell

Supermarket Checkout Girl....Alex Tregear.

The family plan a surprise birthday party for Grandma.