Born To Be Wild

Dylan Winter meets five very different people with a passion for animals.

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20110613Johnnie Walker tells the story of the music behind Easy Rider, taking a sonic journey through four decades of iconic movie soundtracks and talking to the people who made it happen.|Such was the influence of the movie, it gave birth to the "pop" soundtrack and began a whole new way of looking at the music of films, and how it could be used to attract and manipulate audiences.|It became part of the fabric of the major studios, and many directors looked to musicians and composers to fashion their music around the style and genres of current trends.|Easy Rider marked a milestone in the counter-cultural movement, and an extension of the folk music spirit growing throughout the country.|In the midst of the Vietnam War and social upheaval, Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda took to the road and created one of the seminal films of the 60s.|Its soundtrack, like the film itself, would go down in history.|Born To Be Wild features interviews with Harold Faltermeyer (composer, Top Gun, Beverley Hills Cop), Micky Dolenz (The Monkees), Donn Cambern (Editor/Music Editor, Easy Rider), Dean Pitchford (Screenwriter/Lyricist, Fame, Footloose), John Kay (Steppenwolf) and many others.|Johnnie Walker tells the story of the music behind Easy Rider.
01Living With Adders20021229Dylan Winter meets five very different people with a passion for animals.Sylvia Sheldon has come to know hundreds of adders in the woods near her village.
02Toad Story20030105Patrolling on his electric bicycle, William Seal has helped over 50,000 toads to cross the road.
03A Passion For Bumblebees20030112Manfred Ingenthron's suburban garden in Kidderminster has been converted into bumblebee utopia.
04Don't Fence Me In20030119Betty Clapson has converted her BRISTOL garden into the world's tiniest wildlife reserve.
05 LAST20030126Adrian Durkin juggles his duties as keeper of Dudley Castle with his all-consuming passion for collecting cockroaches.