Billy Preston - That's The Way God Planned It

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20101221Billy Preston was a musical genius.|A child prodigy, he was first seen as a small boy performing live on national TV with Nat King Cole.|He was a star of the Hammond Organ, an accomplished dancer and a talented singer-songwriter.|He is the only person 'officially' recognised as the fifth Beatle, although that title would turn out to be more of a millstone than a milestone.|By the 1970s he'd written three number one singles, toured and recorded with the Rolling Stones and collaborated with some of the biggest names in pop: Bob Dylan, Ray Charles, Little Richard, Eric Clapton, Sly Stone, the Jackson 5 and Aretha Franklin to name just a few.|His musical career was out of this world but his personal life was a disaster.|He spent much of his life battling with drugs and even ended up in jail.|Fellow keyboard player and fan Rick Wakeman explores his incredible story.|With contributions from the likes of Jools Holland, Bill Wyman, Pete Townshend and many more, this documentary also reveals - for the first time - the secret he spent his life suppressing.|A secret his former manager Joyce Moore believes fuelled his personal problems.|Rick Wakeman explores the life and music of the so-called Fifth Beatle.