80 Not Out

Series of five stories read by distinguished actors who are now in their eighties.


AR01At The Forest's Edge *20081208

A poignant story of the relationship between a father and his decidely independent daughter, as he tries to fulfill his wife's wishes and bring the family together.

By David Pownall, read by Alec Mccowen

AR02A Shocking Accident20081209

A young man tries to hide the embarrassing facts of his father's death from his fiancee.

By Graham Greene.

Read by Jill Balcon

AR04Complimentary Souls *20081211

Comic story of American excess in Europe and lost love rekindled after many years.

By EF Benson, read by Liz Smith.

AR05 LASTThe Iceman Returneth *20081212

After lying frozen for thousands of years, an iceman begins to thaw.

Memories return to him of a family and a battle - but the man who has discovered him starts to blame him for all manner of incidents.

By Stephen Wyatt.

Read by Bernard Cribbins