Young Churchill, The

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Genome: [r4 Bd=19700113]It is very true. 1 do not care so much for the principles 1 advocate as for the impression my words produce and the reputation they give me (W.S.C.)|Compiled by DAVID AUKIN JOHN S. GILBERT and ROBIN MIDGLEY with John Robinson as Winston Churchill and Clive Swift as the young Churchill Other parts|A. J. BROWN and AVICE LANDON|Original stage production at the Phoenix Theatre, Leicester by ROBIN MlPGLEY|Produced by ANTHONY CORNISH


Unknown: David Aukin|Unknown: John S. Gilbert|Unknown: Robin Midgley|Unknown: John Robinson|Unknown: Winston Churchill|Unknown: Clive Swift|Unknown: A. J. Brown|Unknown: Avice Landon|Unknown: Robin Mlpgley|Produced By: Anthony Cornish