Yes, No, Don't Know Show, The [Radio Scotland]


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Edi Stark follows the production of an artistic performance on the theme of independence.

The brief seemed simple enough: create a five minute artistic performance around the theme of independence.

But then came the logistics. And don't forget the politics.

In its most ambitious production to date the National Theatre of Scotland is staging 'The Great Yes, No, Don't Know Show', which - if all goes accoring to plan- will be performed live from hubs around the UK and streamed globally.

It's being curated two Scottish playwrights from opposite sides of the referendum divide. David Greig will be voting for independence in September and David MacLennan wants Scotland to stay part of the UK.

Edi follows the making of the production, speaking with those involved behind the scenes including David Greig and David Maclennan.

She'll travel all over Scotland speaking with people about what 'independence' means to them.