The X-factor

Emma Freud talks to six partnerships tnat acnieved great things but ended in "divorce"


01Sammy Stopford And Shirley Ballas19921225

Once the number one Latin-

American dance couple. Producer John Watkins

02Albert Roux And Marco Pierre White19921228
03Julian Bames And Liz Calder.19921229

She published Metroland and Flaubert's Parrot, but when Liz moved to

Bloomsbury Press, Julian decided not to go with her.

04Steve Redgrave And Andy Holmes.19921230

After winning Olympic Gold at Los Angeles and Seoul, Andy and Steve,

Britain's rowing duo, went their separate ways.

05Fascinating Aida19921231

Why did the trio break up on the brink of stardom?

06Lord Hesketh And James Hunt19930101

James Hunt won the World Championship a year after leaving the Hesketh team.