Wuthering Heights [Reading]

Paul Mcgann reads Emily Bronte's tale of a passionate and ultimately destructive love affair.


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Mr Lockwood, Heathcliffe's new tenant, visits his landlord at Wuthering Heights for the first time.

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After a disturbing night at Wuthering Heights, Mr Lockwood asks his housekeeper to tell him about Heathcliff's childhood.


Edgar Linton has fallen in love with Cathy, but her feelings for him are ambivalent.

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When Heathcliff returns after three years absence, he finds Cathy married to Edgar, and sets about using Edgar's sister Isabella to exact his revenge.

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Heathcliffe has married Isabella.

Catherine, meanwhile, is on her deathbed and is about to give birth to Edgar's child.


Heathcliffe has become the master of Wuthering Heights.

There, he imprisons Mrs Dean and Cathy in order to force the young girl into marrying his ailing son, Linton.


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Mrs Dean relates the final details of Heathcliffe's plot of revenge on his old enemies Hindley Earnshaw and Edgar Linton.