Wuthering Heights [drama On 3 Version]



A new adaptation by Jonathan Holloway of Emily Bronte's great novel of violent obsession.

Heathcliff and Catherine have entered the world's imagination as great lovers.

Yet they kiss once only.

Dante Gabriel Rossetti described the story: 'A fiend of a book.

The action is laid in Hell - only it seems places and people have English names there.' There is extraordinary cruelty and madness in the story and yet its extremes grip us and each generation since the book was first published in 1847 has made what it will of the lovers and their disasters.

With Carl Prekopp as Heathcliff, Natalie Press as Catherine (and Cathy), Janine Duvitski as Ellen, Samuel Barnett as Edgar, David Birrell as Mr Lockwood, Hayley Doherty as Isabella and Russell Boulter as Hindley.