Writing The Century - The View From The Windows [15md]


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The diaries of Monica Rawlins: artist and goose-breeder. Dramatised by Bethan Roberts.

The View from the Windows

dramatized by Bethan Roberts.

The series which explores the 20th century through the diaries and correspondence of real people.

It's 1954 and the avant-garde commercial artist Monica Rawlins finds herself alone, in the middle-of-nowhere rural Cardiganshire, breeding geese. How has her life come to this?

A heart-warming drama about unrequited love, unfulfilled dreams, art and poultry keeping.

Directed by Helen Perry

A BBC Cymru Wales Production

Monica Dolan is best known for her BAFTA award winning portrayal of Rosemary West in ITV's Appropriate Adult, alongside her roles in the BBC comedy W1A, and TV dramas The Casual Vacancy and Tipping the Velvet.