Writing The Century - The View From The Windows


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Will Monica finally accept her life at Brynmeheryn without her ex-love?

The View from the Windows

dramatized by Bethan Roberts.

The series which explores the 20th century through the diaries and correspondence of real people.

It's 1956 and the avant-garde commercial artist Monica Rawlins is alone in the middle-of-nowhere rural Cardiganshire, breeding geese. How has her life come to this?

A heart-warming drama about unrequited love, unfulfilled dreams, art and poultry keeping.

It's Christmas time. A time for joy, laughter and being surrounded by loved ones. But Monica can't think of anything worse. Alone, her thoughts once again turn to her ex-love. As the seasons greetings ring out around her, will Monica finally accept her life at Brynmeheryn without him?

Directed by Helen Perry

A BBC Cymru Wales Production.