Writing The Century - The Dock, Nuremberg

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15MD0120140127|January 1946. Dame Laura Knight takes a commission as war artist to the Nuremberg Trials.|By Amanda Whittington. In January 1946, at the age of sixty-eight, renowned artist Dame Laura Knight takes a life-changing commission as war artist to the Nuremberg Trials.|Dame Laura meets Major Peter Casson, Deputy Assistant Adjutant-General of the British War Crimes Executive, who is charged with smoothing her path through bureaucracy. He helps her to settle into her suite in the Grand Hotel (originally built for Hitler); to deal with the international social whirl that attends the trials and to cope with coming face-to-face with Hitler's henchmen for the first time in court.|Writing the Century is an ongoing series of dramas reflecting on the 20th Century through diaries and letters.|This serial is based on the diaries of Dame Laura Knight, whose painting 'The Dock' has become a classic image of the Nazi War Crime Trials.|Writer...Amanda Whittington|Director...Mary Ward-Lowery.
15MD0220140128|Dame Laura takes a break from painting the trials to explore the city of Nuremberg.|By Amanda Whittington. In a break from painting the Trial, Dame Laura explores the city of Nuremberg. She meets citizens who have lost everything in the bombing and visits the stadium where Hitler addressed five hundred thousand people, now home to a baseball team.|Director...Mary Ward-Lowery.
15MD0320140129|Dame Laura decides to bring in her huge canvas and paint the trial from the tiny press box|By Amanda Whittington. Even though her press box at the court in Nuremberg is so tiny, Dame Laura decides to bring in her enormous canvas and paint the trial in situ. But the United States Civil Broadcasting Company has other ideas.|Director...Mary Ward-Lowery.
15MD0420140130|Laura is delighted to find her old circus friends the Carollis are living in Nuremberg.|By Amanda Whittington.|Dame Laura takes Peter on a visit to her old circus friends, the Carollis, who are also living, by coincidence, in Nuremberg.|Meanwhile there is a hitch with the press box at court and Laura's eminence as a painter cuts no ice with the American colonel.|Flamenco music by The Thumping Tommys|Director...Mary Ward-Lowery.
15MD05 LAST20140131|Dame Laura's painting of the trial is almost finished.|By Amanda Whittington.|Dame Laura's painting of the Nuremberg Trial is almost complete. When she was commissioned as war artist by the British government, they were not expecting this: a vision of the courtroom as a kind of hell, with a mirage of the ruined city in the background.|Director...Mary Ward-Lowery.