World Theatre Becket


Genome: [r4 Bd=19701228]

Ian Holm (above, top) as Becket David Buck (above) as Henry II and Peter Jeffrey as Foliot, Bishop of London in the play by JEAN ANOUILH adapted for radio by ROGER PINE from the translation by LUCIENNE HILL

1 Sire, crush them now, or In five years'* time there will be two Kings in England, the Archbishop of Canterbury and you. And in ten years' time there will be only one.'

Produced by RONALD MASON

Tomorrow is the 800th anniversary of Becket's martyrdom


Unknown: Ian Holm

Unknown: Becket David Buck

Unknown: Henry Ii

Unknown: Peter Jeffrey

Play By: Jean Anouilh

Translation By: Lucienne Hill

Gwendolen: Patricia Galllmore

Archbishop of Canterbury: Geoffrey Wincott

Bishop Of York: Garard Green

Bishop of Oxford: Antony Viccars

Baron: Ralph Truman

Little Monk: Roger Gale

Queen Mother: Marjorie Westbury

Young Queen: Kathleen Helme

A page: David Brierley

Louis of France: David March

The Pope: Peter Pratt

Zambelli: John Baddeley