World Of Margaret, The

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WH01Hurtling Through Hyperspace20051010Fed up with her limited life after a long marriage to the bowls-playing retired sweet salesman William, Margaret Collins decides to start her own on-line diary, or blog.|At first William thinks this is just another of Margaret's fads
  • by - Andy Barrett
  • director Peter Leslie Wild
  • margaret....Ann Rye
  • william....michael tudor thomas
  • WH02Questions, Questions20051011William's indifference to Margaret's blogging takes a new turn when he finally realises the nature of its content.
    WH03We Too Are Margaret20051012The response to Margaret's blog proves bigger than either she or William expected.|William decides that if you can't beat them, join them.
    WH04Google Yourself20051013William's blog proves a perfect complement to Margaret's at first.|But early one morning, William discovers an unwelcome message from his wife.
    WH05 LASTGoing Interactive20051014William and Margaret come to a joint decision about their respective blogs and the long-term future.