World And How We See It, The

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Genome: [r4 Bd=19700409]The Broadcasting of News and Current Affairs|We get much of our news, first of all, from the radio (or television) before we see a newspaper. But do the broadcasters do their job properly? Do they trivialise the news, or, perhaps, blur the distinction between ' hard ' news and opinion? The broadcasters have their own answers to these and other questions.|The programme includes interviews with PROFESSOR ASA BRIGGS , Vice-Chancellor, Sussex University RT HON RICHARD CROSSMAN , MP|SIR HUGH GREENE , Director-General of the BBC, 1960-69 and a discussion by WILLIAM HARDCASTLE Of The World at One|PETER WOON , Editor Radio News STUART HALL, Deputy Director, Centre for Cultural Studies, Birmingham University|DONALD MCLACHLAN , former Editor of the Sunday Telegraph Presented by ROBERT KEE|Produced by DANIEL SNOWMAN


Unknown: Professor Asa Briggs|Unknown: Richard Crossman|Unknown: Sir Hugh Greene|Unknown: William Hardcastle|Unknown: Peter Woon|Unknown: Donald McLachlan|Presented By: Robert Kee|Produced By: Daniel Snowman