The Women's Room

The first radio dramatisation of Marilyn French's seminal novel celebrating its 30-year anniversary of publication.

Adapted for radio by Sarah Daniels.



  • Sarah Daniels's dramatisation of Marilyn French's novel
  • acoustic guitar played by Sven Knight
  • ben....Ian Porter
  • biff....James Herrick
  • carl....Allen Lidkey
  • carlos....James Herrick
  • chris....Charlotte Emmerson
  • clark....James Herrick
  • doctor....John Dougall
  • howard....Anthony Glennon
  • iso....Jasmine Bavidge
  • iso....Jasmine Callan
  • judge....John Dougall
  • kyla....Barbara Barnes
  • lanny....Allen Lidkey
  • lawyer....Mark Straker
  • lily....Charlotte Emmerson
  • male 1....Mark Straker
  • male 2....John Dougall
  • martha....Barbara Barnes
  • mira....Elizabeth Mcgovern
  • mrs martinelli....Barbara Barnes
  • mrs ward....Barbara Barnes
  • norm....Ian Porter
  • normie....Allen Lidkey
  • nurse....Christine Kavanagh
  • policeman....John Dougall
  • rapist....Anthony Glennon
  • tad....Allen Lidkey
  • val....Miriam Margolyes
  • woman 1....Rachel Bavidge
  • woman 2....Jasmine Callan

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    The first radio dramatisation of Marilyn French's seminal novel celebrating its 30-year anniversary of publication.

    Adapted for radio by Sarah Daniels.Mira begins her look back at her life, starting with the traumatic teenage experience that shaped her view of sex and men.


    Married life is not what Mira expects; she has to give up school to be a full time housewife while Norm studies.

    Then she finds herself pregnant.


    Mira is shaken by a difficult labour.

    Her fellow patients help her come to terms with the overwhelming feelings of motherhood.


    Mira makes new friends with some of her neighbours and forms a close bond with Lily.

    Over time, the full extent of Lily's tragic background comes to the fore.


    Mira unwittingly helps to get her friend Lily committed to an asylum and terrifying electric shock treatment.


    Mira and Norm are now fully absorbed into suburban New Jersey, where they embrace cocktail and dinner parties.

    Mira's new friend Martha is a feisty thirtysomething who has gone back to education.


    Mira is shocked when her friend Martha starts an affair with a married man.

    Things get even worse when Mira's own husband demands a divorce.


    Following divorce, Mira finds solace in alcohol until one evening she reaches breaking point and makes a brave decision.


    Mira arrives in Harvard.

    She feels like a fish out of water until she is adopted by an unlikely family of women, headed by larger-than-life Val.


    By 1968, Mira has settled into Harvard life, embracing the political and social changes that are going on around her.

    Then she falls in love with a younger man.


    Things start to go wrong between Mira and Ben when he suggests a family holiday.


    Mira's relationship with Ben becomes all-consuming and she sees less of her close friends.

    Val and Tad's tempestuous relationship reaches a crisis.


    Mira is increasingly politically engaged as 1960s America takes to the streets.

    Chris suffers a horrific attack which threatens her close relationship with her mother.


    Val distances herself from her friends.

    Ben offers Mira an opportunity of a lifetime, at a price.

    15 LAST*20070323

    Mira's new life is turned upside down when Val dies and the close-knit group of friends disintegrates.