Woman's Hour Takeover


01Woman's Hour20140428

J.K. Rowling shines a light on the issue of orphanages and asks why so many children continue to be cared for in institutions worldwide. Her programme will also look at the power and myth of the shoe in popular culture, and why Scotland has the highest number of multiple sclerosis sufferers in the world.

02Woman's Hour20140429

Kelly Holmes focuses on one of the subjects she is most passionate about: healthy eating and wellbeing. What can we all learn from athletes about how exercise and staying motivated can change the game in our own lives?

03Woman's Hour20140430

Naomi Alderman celebrates some of the game changing women in science and technology, and also turns her attention to public speaking - why is it so dominated by men?

04Woman's Hour20140501

Doreen Lawrence (this year's number one game changer on the Power List) talks about the people who inspired her, from Maya Angelou to Barack Obama. She also investigates health issues and identifies some of the most important skills young people need to have in this changing society.

05 LASTWoman's Hour20140502

Lauren Laverne presents the final programme in the Takeover. She engages Caitlin Moran (this year's number 10 on the Power List) in conversation about her power as a role model and discusses whether we need high-street feminism just as much as highbrow feminism. She puts 'Girl Power' and consumerism under the spotlight, and interviews Jane Shepherdson, a game changer in the fashion world.