Witty And Twisted



The call-to-arms transmissions of two field agents are from an organisation so secret it does not even exist.

02A Series Of Psychotic Episodes2007030720070308
20080511 (BBC7)
20080512 (BBC7)
20100516 (BBC7)

Surreal and sublime sketch comedy from new comic talent Miriam Elia

Surreal and sublime sketch comedy.

Miriam Elia's winning entry, which spawned her own Radio 7 series.


Newcomer Lee Derbyshire brings you 'Sportstalk' - armchair sports commentary for the 21st Century with hosts John Roberts and Terry Fleming.

The producer was Victoria Lloyd

20100418 (BBC7)
20100425 (BBC7)
20100426 (BBC7)

Welcome to Wonderworld by Andrew Wallace.

Please keep your hands inside the carriage and enjoy the ride!.

Climb on board the comedy set in a down-at-heel theme park in the South of England.

Stars Andrew Wallace.

05Gus Murdoch's Sacred Cows2007032820070329
20100509 (BBC7)

Gus investigates the Sacred Cows of British Culture and asks: Is this cow really sacred? Or is it just a cow?

The investigative journalist probes the National Lottery and the UK's biggest losers.

Stars Stephen Carlin.


New sketch comedy from Rupert Jones and Tom Bowker.

07Message To Mars2007041120070412

John Bowcock won a competition to record a message which will be placed on a rocket for Mars.

This is that message.

Stars Mark Steele

09James Kettle's Skyscraping Ambitions - Making It Big In Business2007042520070426
20100516 (BBC7)

Join James Kettle as he tries to make it big in the world of business - like T S Eliot did.

With Thomas Nelstrop, Holly Walsh and Stephen Carlin.

10 LASTBbc Backchat2007050220070503
20100502 (BBC7)

Gareth Gwynn takes a lighthearted look at BBC Radio and TV in BBC7's answer to Points of View and Feedback.

Gareth Gwynn takes a light-hearted look at BBC Radio and TV - in 7's answer to 'Points of View' and 'Feedback'.

Gareth Gwynn takes a light-hearted look at BBC Radio and TV.