Winter Queen, The

By Boris Akunin.

Translated by Andrew Bromfield.

Read by David Troughton.

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0120031013By Boris Akunin.|Translated by Andrew Bromfield.|Read by David Troughton.A 23-year-old law student commits suicide in broad daylight in the city's Alexander Gardens.|The young detective Erast Fandorin is put on the case, which deepens as he discovers that the student had recently inherited considerable assets.
0220031014Erast Fandorin is becoming increasingly concerned by the inconsistencies of the suicide case.
0320031015Young detective Erast Fandorin has traced the mysterious beauty whose photograph he saw on the desk of the Moscow student whose suicide he is investigating.
0420031016A senior officer is assigned to the case after Erast Fandorin is attacked in the street.
0520031017Fandorin goes undercover to visit a notorious gambling den.
0620031020Fandorin has travelled from Moscow to The Winter Queen Hotel in London on the trail of the elusive Cleopatra.
0720031021Betrayed by a traitor in the Russian Embassy, Fandorin is bound, gagged and on the way to a watery grave in the Thames.
0820031022The trail has led Fandorin back to St Petersburg, where he is delighted to meet up with his Chief, Ivan Brilling.
0920031023Fandorin has an important chance meeting on the overnight express from St Petersburg to Moscow.
10 LAST20031024In the concluding episode of Boris Akunin's best-seller, Fandorin has tracked down the leader of the organisation Azazel, but his life remains in peril.