Will You Love Me Tomorrow?

Offbeat love stories from a variety of writers.


AR01Will You Love Me Tomorrow?20080922

By Kathryn Simmonds.

A brief encounter at a party leads to a date and the first awkward kiss, followed by the agony of waiting for the all-important next phone call.

Read by Isabel Brook.

AR02Ha Ha Ha20080923

By Joan Osbaldeston.

From childhood, Suzy has collected interesting words.

However, she has forgotten the glamour of the word 'epiglottis' for 43 years, until she meets the inimitable Stanley Manley.

And Stanley has an interest of his own.

Read by Jenny Coverack

AR03After The Snow Queen20080924

By Diana Hendry.

A modern conclusion to the famous fairy story reveals what happened next for Gerda and her true love Kay after his release from the Snow Queen's spell.

Read by Phyllida Nash

AR04You're Not Ann Laurenson, Are You?20080925

By Frank Dunne.

On a train out of Waterloo, a middle-aged man becomes fascinated by the woman sitting opposite him.

As the train rattles through the countryside, he is trying to devise a way of introducing himself which cannot fail to intrigue her.

Read by Philip Franks.

AR05 LASTEcho *20080926

Rosie Jackson's modern take on the old myth of Echo and Narcissus.

When a woman finds herself in love with a busy executive, her initial subservience turns to self-preservation and quiet revenge.

Read by Bonnie Hurren