Wild Things!

Comedy series by Georgia Pritchett about two florists with attitude.

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0101Happiest Day Of Your Life2002081920060518 (BBC7)
20060519 (BBC7)
20070719 (BBC7)
20070720 (BBC7)
20080402 (BBC7)
20080403 (BBC7)
20090310 (BBC7)
20090311 (BBC7)
Comedy series by Georgia Pritchett about two florists with attitude.Winnie and Ample are two florists with attitude.|Starring Doon Mackichan.|From August 2002|Winnie and Ample are two florists with attitude.|Starring Doon Mackichan and Miranda Richardson.|Organising flowers for a wedding is hindered by bridal indecision.
0102Bundle Of Joy2002082620060525 (BBC7)
20060526 (BBC7)
20070726 (BBC7)
20070727 (BBC7)
20080409 (BBC7)
20080410 (BBC7)
20090317 (BBC7)
20090318 (BBC7)
Florists Winnie and Ample have plenty to arrange in their shop.|Stars Doon Mackichan and Miranda Richardson.|Winnie and Ample babysit and are outwitted by their silent charge.|Ample's son is out of the Detention Centre - but for how long?
0103Date With Fate2002090220060601 (BBC7)
20060602 (BBC7)
20070802 (BBC7)
20070803 (BBC7)
20080416 (BBC7)
20080417 (BBC7)
20090324 (BBC7)
20090325 (BBC7)
The fiery florists tackle a psychic, a dog - and fame beckons.|A psychic, a dog called Scruffy, and promises of fame and happiness.|Winnie and Ample try their hand at matchmaking.
0104 LASTRear Window2002090920060608 (BBC7)
20070809 (BBC7)
20070810 (BBC7)
20080423 (BBC7)
20080424 (BBC7)
20090331 (BBC7)
20090401 (BBC7)
The fiery florists face competition from some new rivals.|Stars Doon Mackichan and Miranda Richardson.|From September 2002.|Winnie becomes a guinea pig for medical experiments, with shocking results.
0201Plastic Fantastic2003112620060615 (BBC7)
20060616 (BBC7)
20070830 (BBC7)
20070831 (BBC7)
20080430 (BBC7)
20080501 (BBC7)
20090407 (BBC7)
The fiery florists discuss Winnie's plans for a surgical boost.|Stars Doon Mackichan and Miranda Richardson.|From November 2003.|Winnie decides to have plastic surgery, while Ample deals with a customer who keeps eating the flowers.
0202Prisoner2003120320060622 (BBC7)
20060623 (BBC7)
20070906 (BBC7)
20070907 (BBC7)
20080507 (BBC7)
20080508 (BBC7)
20090414 (BBC7)
The florists discuss Winnie's inheritance and Ample's birthday.|Stars Doon Mackichan and Miranda Richardson.|From December 2003.|Winnie learns she is about to inherit some money and Ample is overexcited about her birthday party.|Winnie and Ample get locked in the store cupboard.|Only Geoffrey the mouse can save them.
0203Insomnia2003121020060629 (BBC7)
20060630 (BBC7)
20070913 (BBC7)
20070914 (BBC7)
20080514 (BBC7)
20080515 (BBC7)
20090421 (BBC7)
Ample can't sleep.|Winnie is writing a novel - will Robert help? Stars Doon Mackichan and Miranda Richardson.|From December 2003.|Winnie is writing a novel - will Robert help?|Winnie is writing a novel about lust and love.|Ample cannot sleep.|Robert appears to be delivering nothing.|Winnie embarks on a career as a romantic novelist, while Ample's attempts at meditation are extremely un-relaxing for all concerned.
0204 LASTThe Big Day2003121720060706 (BBC7)
20060707 (BBC7)
20070920 (BBC7)
20070921 (BBC7)
20080521 (BBC7)
20080522 (BBC7)
20090428 (BBC7)
A mail-order Thai groom gets the florists preparing a wedding.|Ample finds it hard to cope with the pressures of fame after being interviewed by the local newspaper.|Meanwhile Winnie orders herself a mail order Thai groom.|Two women sell a few flowers, talk a lot of nonsense and insult their customers in this comedy about florists with attitude.