Wild Europe


0101Norway's Wolves20020708

Lionel Kelleway journeys across Europe, observing wildlife. 1: `Norway's Wolves'. With so few people and so much space, why did Norway kill its last breeding wolf pack last year?

0102Turkey's Wild Snowdrops20020715

Lionel Kelleway observes European wildlife. 2: `Turkey's Wild Snowdrops'. Thriving snowdrop farms in the mountains of Turkey are helping to replace the illegal trade in wild bulbs.

0103Eastern Europe Goes Organic20020722

Lionel Kelleway observes European wildlife. 3: `Eastern Europe Goes Organic'. Who will benefit if the traditional farms of Eastern Europe adopt the greener approach?

0104Monk Seals And More In Madeira20020729

Lionel Kelleway observes European wildlife. 4: `Monk Seals and More in Madeira'. On the small Atlantic island, two threatened species are fighting back.

0105Poland's Primeval Forest20020805

Lionel Kelleway observes European wildlife. 5: `Poland's Primeval Forest'. Can the demands of foresters be reconciled with conservationists?

0201Protecting The Roof Of Europe20030721

The story of the wildlife of Europe is intimately bound up with the story of its people. Politics, economics, and social revolutions have shaped Europe's natural history just as much as the guns of hunters, the ploughs of farmers, and the struggles of conservationists. For this third series of Wild Europe, Lionel Kelleway travels from Norway to northern Italy to give us a European perspective on issues that face conservationists across the world - alpine conservation, the problems caused by the arrival of alien species, the reintroductions of large animals back into a landscape now dominated by man and when tough choices have to be made in conservation, the removal of one species in order to protect another. The stories featured will not only provide a fascinating insight into the past and how the wildlife has come to live amongst us, but also offer lessons for the future and the decisions that we will have to make if we want wild Europe to survive into the next century.

0202The Eurasian Lynx20030728

This endangered species was reintroduced to the Swiss Alps 30 years ago, but its survival remains precarious. Lionel Kelleway journeys across Europe.

0203Grey Squirrels20030804

Lionel Kelleway observes Europe's wildlife. Northern Italy is home to a rapidly expanding grey squirrel population which is now protected by a court order.

0204 LASTLough Hyne - Europe's Giant Rockpool20030811

Sitting on the southern Irish coast is a European jewel, Lough Hyne, designated as Ireland's first marine nature reserve in 1981. This unique lake and its surroundings are home to a rich and varied range of plants and animals, including many rare and beautiful species. Since it was 'discovered' by marine biologists in 1886, scientists have carried out pioneering research in experimental ecology. Their continued research into the factors governing the distributions of marine animals and plants make Lough Hyne one of the most studied marine sites within Europe. Lionel Kelleway travels to Lough Hyne to find out more.