Wild Blue Britain


0101The Rocky Shore20050711

Lionel Kelleway is taken on a magical tour of the Gower rock pools in Wales by rock pooling guru Pete Hayward.

For marine wildlife Britain's rocky shore is top of the league in Europe and the Gower is one of the best.

An encounter with beasts great and small.

0102Seaweed World20050718

Lionel Kelleway is in Strangford Lough, Northern Ireland, where he discovers that some seaweed is more animal than plant, and the possible benefits of seaweed to people seem to have no bounds.

0103Muddy Shore20050725

Lionel Kelleway goes to Essex in England to meet biologists and conservationists who are breaking down the ancient sea defences of the coast and returning this part of the Black water to the sea.

He discovers that fields that only a year ago were yielding corn are now the nursery place for pelagic fish such as herring and bass.


Lionel Kelleway is on the uninhabited island of Eynhallow in Orkney together with field biologists and a multitude of ocean predators.

It's the Fulmars, terns, seals and Skuas that build a spectacular community of life, both above and below water, all of which are at the mercy of ocean currents.