Wild Blood



A dark tale about families and other animals by performance poet Inua Ellams.

by Inua Ellams.

A dark tale about families and other animals.

Ragi is in trouble. His wife is due back any minute, and he has to piece together the events of the last month before she arrives. All he knows is that while he's been in charge, his gentle geek of a son has transformed into an aggressive scrapper, and his father has developed an unhealthy obsession with household pets. But the explanation turns out to be worse than he could ever have imagined.

Inua Ellams is an award winning poet, playwright and performer. His plays include The Black T-shirt Collection and The 14thTale (both of which toured nationally before runs at the National Theatre), Untitled and Knight Watch. His most recent pamphlet of poems Candy Coated Unicorns and Converse All Stars was published by Flipped Eye, 2011.