Wild Arabia

The Natural History of the Middle East

With Tessa McGregor.


01Three Continents Clash20070820

The Natural History of the Middle East

With Tessa McGregor.From the depths of the Dead Sea to the parched edge of the Empty Quarter, Tessa looks at the ingenious strategies that plants and animals have evolved to survive and thrive in one of the harshest environments in the world.

02Blood On The Sands20070827

Tessa asks if the past century of hunting, oil development and endless warfare has pushed the region's wildlife beyond the point of no return.

03 LASTFaith, Hope And Technology20070903

The Mesopotamian Marshes, one of the world's biggest wetlands, were drained by Saddam Hussein in 1991.

The native wildlife was destroyed and migrating birds lost a crucial fuel stop on their long desert journey.

But water and wildlife have now returned.