Whose Sari Now

Rani Moorthy's tale of human relationships, set in a sari shop.


01The Gujarati Way20071001

When true love finally walks through the door to buy her wedding sari, the problems for Rajesh and his overbearing mother Neeta really start.

02The Bombay Version20071002

Rich divorcee Dolly Gandhi flies in to purchase the flimsy and flirty Bollywood saris, but the revealing quality of the fabric unveils a little too much.

Rajesh has a secret life which must be kept hidden at all costs.

03The Madrassi Version20071003

When interior design guru Tarquin and his television crew take over to do a special feature on the shop, Neeta is overjoyed.

Rajesh, however, is less pleased, and is still reeling after accidentally exposing his secret to Meena the night before.

04The Bengali Version20071004

A routine VAT inspection has serious consequences for the shop and its inhabitants, but if Meena comes to the rescue will Neeta get defensive? As battle lines are drawn for the women, Rajesh is desperate to keep his secret hidden and comes to a heartbreaking realisation.

05 LASTThe Orissa Sari20071005

Neeta's worst nightmare is coming true and even her long dead husband has deserted her daydreams.

Rajesh is forced to sell his prized one-offs at a special party.

Meena arrives, but is it for a final goodbye or can the lure of the sari and its woven secrets change her mind?